Conservatives Trying To Hide Their Inaction On The Environment

Withdrawal from Kyoto Protocol meant to hide Conservative inaction on environment and jobs                                

 ATTAWAPISKAT, November 29, 2011–Canada is alienating some of its most important trading partners and damaging its economy due to Conservative inaction on the environment,” said Official Opposition Leader, Nycole Turmel.

“Europe and the United States are closing their doors to Canadian energy because of the inaction of the Conservatives on climate change,” said Turmel. “The only reason the government wants to withdraw from Kyoto is to disguise the growth of our greenhouse gas emissions from the eyes of the international community.”

By withdrawing from Kyoto, Canada would no longer be required to undergo independent international audits on its emissions. Turmel said the Conservatives are trying to hide their inaction from their trading partners.

“The Environment Minister said the Kyoto Protocol is ‘outdated’ but what does he have to offer in return? Nothing but empty words, as this government has demonstrated over the last six years,” she added. 

New Democrat Environment Critic Megan Leslie added: “Since the Conservatives formed the government, Canada has made no progress. They have no action plan. They have shown no leadership. They prefer exporting jobs rather than transforming our local resources and putting Canadians to work so they can support their families.”

The New Democratic Party believes Canada must work in partnership with other countries to reinforce international trade and build a new energy economy.  

“The government needs to understand that in the 21st century, jobs and the environment go hand in hand,” concluded Leslie.