NDP Leader Meets Local Figures To Discuss Infrastructure Plans

This article is from the Sherbrooke Record.

Evan Lepage
Sherbrooke Record
January 16, 2012

The interim leader of the New Democrat Party Nycole Turmel was in Sherbrooke Monday to meet with local politicians and business figures regarding the state of infrastructure in Quebec and what the role of the federal government needs to be on the provincial and even municipal level.

“We wanted to get an idea of the state and the problems or difficulties of infrastructure that you have in the region,” Turmel said, flanked by Sherbrooke’s Member of Parliament Pierre-Luc Dusseault and Compton-Stanstead MP Jean Rousseau at a press briefing.

The three NDP MPs met with Maurice Bernier, prefect for the Granit region and president of the Regional Council of Elected Officials, and Fleurimont chamber of commerce president Patrick Hardy among others for a round table Monday morning during which the Sherbrooke airport was apparently a hot topic of conversation.

“We talked about the airport which is a major challenge to ensure the economic survival of the region. The fact that various companies, whether national or international, are asking questions about not having an airport and problems on the level of bridges, it restricts the implementation of new businesses,” Turmel said. “This is the major problem for the creation of jobs and a major problem for the economy, mainly in the region of Sherbrooke.”

The local airport was in the news recently after it was revealed that a German firm withdrew a project in the city citing concerns about transportation options as a main reason.

While taking note of the infrastructure problems in Sherbrooke and surrounding areas, Turmel said ultimately the NDP had larger goals in mind.