The Conservative Budget: No Relief For Quebecers

From Old Age Security to health care, conservative cuts will hurt families

OTTAWA, March 29 2012 – Families, older people and workers are once again the biggest losers in the Conservative budget, according to NDP leader Thomas Mulcair.

Cuts announced for the Old Age Security program and healthcare funding were confirmed in the budget plan tabled today by the Minister of Finance.  

“Stephen Harper promised to protect health care funding and never even mentioned his plan to cut Old Age Security. Now, he is putting Quebecers’ retirement security and primary healthcare in peril with these reckless cuts,” said Mr. Mulcair. “Mr. Harper prefers short-changing provinces and balancing the budget on their backs. It’s unacceptable.” 

The NDP leader also accused Conservatives of having no real job creation plan in this budget.

“This budget contains no strategy to create or maintain jobs in Canada,” said Mr. Mulcair. “Conservatives have billions to build prisons, buy fighter jets, and offer gifts to their friends in large corporations but nothing for the thousands of people who have lost their job over the last few months.”

“The NDP will fight to protect the vital services Quebecers depend on, and work together to ensure the Conservatives’ irresponsible cuts affect them as little as possible,” concluded Mr. Mulcair.