Towards A New Partnership With Quebec Municipalities

NDP Leader wants to strengthen relations between Ottawa and cities and towns

 GATINEAU, May 10, 2012 – In a speech before members of the Quebec Union of Municipalities today in Gatineau, Official Opposition Leader Tom Mulcair committed to restoring the voice of towns and communities in federal politics.

“For far too long, the federal government has been failing in its responsibility to work with the provinces on issues of importance to municipalities,” he said. “Municipalities have more responsibilities than ever—from economic development to immigrant settlement. But we’re expecting them to fulfill these responsibilities without sufficient funding.” 

Mr. Mulcair cited the Building Canada Fund, which is designed to improve infrastructure but will end in three years. “Municipalities will find themselves without stable and reliable funding. That is why New Democrats will ensure that the government keeps its promise to establish a long-term plan to take over from this program.”

He also underlined the need to combine environmental protection with economic development.

The New Democratic Leader also mentioned some of his party’s achievements on behalf of communities since forming the Official Opposition. It’s thanks to the NDP’s persistence that the Conservatives finally agreed to fund the replacement of the Champlain Bridge in Montreal. He also mentioned the New Democratic proposals for a national public transit strategy and an affordable housing plan.   

Mr. Mulcair concluded: “I look forward to working with the QUM, and municipalities across the province, to build an even stronger and more sustainable relationship—and to guarantee a better future for Quebec towns and communities.”