Urgent Infrastructure Investment Needed: Turmel

Crumbling municipal infrastructures requires immediate and stable investment

SHERBROOKE, January 16 2012—As part of her tour of Quebec, New Democrat Leader Nycole Turmel took part in a roundtable discussion on infrastructure today with elected officials from Montérégie and Estrie. Turmel reiterated New Democrat support for municipal efforts to convince the government to act on this issue.

“It’s time for different levels of government to work together on making stable investments in our public infrastructure,” Turmel said after her meeting. “By 2014, nearly half of federal funding in this domain will expire. It’s about time we came up with a plan.”     

Accompanied by local MPs Pierre-Luc Dusseault (Sherbrooke) and Jean Rousseau (Compton – Stanstead), Turmel argued for government action on infrastructure. “The Sherbrooke region would greatly benefit from expanding public transport and improving the quality of road infrastructure,” she said.

“The Conservatives continue to turn their back on our communities,” Dusseault pointed out. “The government’s most recent budget didn’t address the urgent infrastructure needs of our communities. Cash-strapped towns will soon be virtually incapable of responding to their growing infrastructure needs.”  

New Democrats will continue to hold the Conservatives to account and keep a close eye over the next few months on whether they are adequately responding to the legitimate infrastructure needs of Canadian communities.

“In 2011, Quebecers set the wheel of change in motion and don’t want to now go back to the old debates and the old scandals. By working together, we’ll replace the Conservatives in 2015 and build a better future for Quebec families,” concluded Turmel.